Wine Cave Cellar

Located at the Seten restaurant, the Wine Cave Cellar is an original wine production cave room used for centuries with the traditional foot-stomping press method. Today we make a variety of red and white wines from locally-grown organic grapes. We have a large selection of homemade wines as well as the best bottled wines produced in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia has long been famous for its dry wines. Both red and white grapes are produced here in this temperate, sunny and dry climate. Most of the vineyards are scattered among the verdant orchards and can be seen throughout the valleys and hills around Goreme. The rich soil, abundant sunshine and traditional Cappadocia grape farming techniques result in smooth, dry wines with delicate fruit notes.

The primary grape used for white wines in this region is the Emir grape variety - offering a delicate, yet dry and lightly fruity taste experience. A variety of red grapes are grown in this region - each offering a smooth bouquet, body and finish.